Tangle and Frizz Tamer Spray

Dead Sea Moisturizing Hair Cream
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Moisturizing Hair Cream
  • Detangling Spray, No Tears
  • For Babies & Up
  • Wet or Dry Hair
  • All Hair Types
  • Made in Israel
  • 8 oz / 236 ml

The Dead Sea Spa Care moisturizing and styling hair spray tames and detangles all hair types. There will be no more tears because this detangling tamer spray makes combing through easy, leaving hair soft and tangle free.

The Dead Sea Spa Care Tangle and Frizz Tamer Spray is made with with Dead Sea Minerals, Herbal and Essential Oils. This wonderful product not only moisturizes whiles styling your hair, but it relieves damaged hair for soft defined curls and waves. Flexible hold curls bring out the natural shine in the hair. Great for everyday use, and effortless combing.


Shake bottle well, and spray all over wet or dry hair from root to tip. Comb through to eliminate tangles and knots. Leave in conditioner moisturizes hair, leaving it soft and easy to style. No need to rinse.

Product Benefits:
  • Dead Sea Spa Care Tangle and Frizz Tamer Spray makes combing through easy
  • Dead Sea Spa Care Tangle and Frizz Tamer Spray immediately reduces frizz
  • Dead Sea Spa Care Tangle and Frizz Tamer Spray revitalizes dry, hard to manage tangled hair
  • Dead Sea Spa Care Tangle and Frizz Tamer Spray contains numerous beneficial minerals from the Dead Sea
Product Reviews:

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My 2-year-old has gorgeous, thick, curly hair but it can be (and often is) quite unmanageable and tangly. She usually says, “Owee! Owee!” the whole time I comb through her hair after every bath no matter how gently I am doing it. I was thrilled to get this detangler and it works wonders! It took probably half the time it usually does to get all her tangles out and she didn’t complain at all. Her hair also felt extra soft afterwards. As you can see above, I took pictures of before, during, and after using the Tangle & Frizz Tamer Spray as well as a picture of her hair after it had completely dried. There is a very noticeable difference in the shine and bounce to her hair! My daughter loves the cute little mermaid and sea animals on the bottle too (which, as a bonus, kept her still while I brushed her hair). I definitely recommend this detangler to all mothers with little out-of-control curly heads like mine.